The corruption of power.
The legacy of colonialism.
The failure of democracy.

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About Brent

Brent J. Ludwig is a reformed lawyer who currently runs his own boutique headhunting firm in Calgary and Vancouver, Canada. Brent practiced M&A law in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, but did not let it stifle his love for storytelling and writing, first inspired while completing his undergraduate degree at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

About Those Who Would Be King

King Mabanda, ruler of Maleziland, controls his country through divine right with a violent, omnipotent hand. The king’s son, Mandebala, is also a tyrant-in-training who has grown up with the opulence and privilege of an uber-wealthy prince. But when the king meets Shigeku, the only captive survivor of a border war with a neighboring nation, the prisoner tells of switching his own brother at birth with the king’s actual son.

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The CIDA/New Brunswick Malawi Dairy Farm Project As many of you know, my interest in things African, and specifically in Malawi, was piqued as a teenager. I remember the day back in Grade 11 in good old Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada when they came back early. A family had been sent to Malawi, Africa to…

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